History of Wall Covering

The History of wallcovering starts from 200BC from the ancient china.Wallcovering is a kind of material
used to cover and decorate the interior walls of homes, offices, cafes and many more...

  • Now across the world

    Modernism frowned on embellishments, so wallpaper fell into disfavor during much of this century. But as the 20th century ebbs and the bane of cookie-cutter homes and sterile work environments is upon us, some have rediscovered the romance and beauty of patterned walls. Ofcourse we no longer talk about wallpaper.

    Now it’s wallcovering, for technology has steppedin and created products that incorporate miracle compunds that make them washable, Long-lasting, ready-pasted, and yet so true to the best of history’s worldy arts. So we can reproduce any style of any period, and unlike the costly fresco paintings, tapestries and hand-painted papers of the past, today’s wallcoverings are very affordabe. It won’t break the budget to change the look of a room from, say, sivilized to romantic, casual to elegant, or past to future.

  • 1800 AD - France

    In the victorian era, rooms paraded print upon print, mostly in garish colors, and the advent of machine-made wallpaper put the cabbage rose and arabesque patterns within the budget range of practically everyhome. Artisans such as Louis comfort Tiffany and William Morris and their lyrical interpretations of nature, hand-printed by the wood block method, came to symbolize Art Nouveau.

  • 1771 AD - France

    In early america, colonials copied Eurpoean fashions. After the revolutionary war, Americans set up workshops of their own. Paper was all the fashion from neoclassical looks to rambling roses. American firms made their share of patriotic "commemorative" papers, which we have come to know from trunk linings and bandboxes.

  • 1700 AD - France

    Jean papillon, a French engraver, started making block designs in matching, continuous patterns in 1675, and wallpaper as we know it today was on its way.

  • 1599 AD - France

    A guild of paperhangers was established in france in 1599, but only small sheets of decorated.

  • 1481 AD - France

    Jean Bourdichon received 24 livres for painting 50 rolls of paper with angels on a blue background for louis XI of france in 1481. Other well-heeled europeans commissioned artists to paint paper for their walls, but real wallpaper can hardly be said to have existed till the advent of the printing press.

  • 700 AD - China

    Some time in the 8th century, a captured chinese prisoner spilled the beans to the Arabs, who, in turn, spread the knowledge of papermaking thoughout Europe.

  • 200 BC

    The story of wallpaper itself actually began in ancient china, first because the chinese invented paper, and secondly because the glued rice papers onto their walls as early as 200 BC.